Many directors like to make out-of-town funeral and burial arrangements in advance for their clients who are under hospice care or near death situations. Preplanning prior to death allows them to determine what is to be done when the time comes. When you preplan, you have the opportunity to prepare the family in what to expect and to educate families in funeral industry practices and requirements which will be done by the local extension of your firm. We are here in the North Texas Area to be your helping hand at your time of need by providing compassionate, professional care for your families and their loved ones.
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Texas Death Certificate RequirementsRequired Medical Examiner’s Release Authorization Form Funeral Purchase AgreementPermission to or refusal to embalm formDisclosure/DisclaimerLocal Newspaper Form if Requested.Cremation Authorization Forms (On-Site Crematory With No-Cost Private Viewing Option included) Flight Itinerary schedule.